Floral Design

Why Shop with a Farmer Florist?

Because a farmer-florist has already been working for you for months. The seeds for this season’s flower line up were carefully selected LAST season to reflect upcoming floral design trends and to complement each other in form, color, and season.

Here in the temperate Northwest we are blessed with what may be the most flower-friendly climate on this continent. With the exception of truly tropical gems, there are few classic cut flowers Woodbine Flowers can’t grow and offer you. And because we grow our own, we have some rare treasures that traditional florists struggle to buy in.

Have your heart set on your favorite flower out of season for a special event? We source from the same floral wholesalers as other florists, and can fulfill special requests along with our own locally grown flowers.

Why choose floral designs without flower foam?

I use binding wire, chicken wire forms and tape grids rather than floral foam, which is hard on people and on nature – it degrades into micro-plastics and off-gases cancerous materials. When you’re done enjoying our arrangements, you can put the chicken wire in your recycling bin and the rest of your arrangement can go in the compost.

Contemporary floral design….

Floral design is changing. It’s hard to say which came first, the new aesthetic or a move away from floral foam, which holds flowers rigid at unnatural angles. But today’s floral design features fluid, flowing lines that express plants’ natural grace.