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Flower Field Notes - Late Winter 2024

Flower Field Notes - Late Winter 2024

We are still slinging bought-in flowers here, as we are 6-8 weeks away from our own-grown spring flowers - but many of those have their heads well above the soil line. Green popsicle sticks of daffodil and tulip shoots are showing; ranunculus, foxglove, campanula, sweet peas and Icelandic poppies are leafy and green; in the field and in the tunnels snaps, larkspur, pansies and sweet William are a little confused and a few overachievers in the tunnels are even blooming way too early (not a lot to be done about that, it happens).

For unplanned reasons we are going to have a bumper crop of bunny tail grass this year, and some might say, so what? Well, it’s a lovely dried flower of course, but it’s also actually an adorable green cut – soft, fuzzy and minty green, and a lot taller – 18-24” - when overwintered. Look for some fuzzy minty bouquets later this spring.


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