Ranunculus for Mother’s Day

Anemone and ranunculus purple-pink vase arrangement
– Pink ranunculus and violet anemones –

Woodbine Flowers’ Mother’s Day bouquets have featured ranunculus for the last four years. I plant them in late fall and they overwinter in the high tunnels. Every spring I’m amazed all over again by their fluffy gorgeousness; but this year, I’m staggered by the colors and size of some premium Italian ranunculus. I was really reluctant to pay what these tubers cost, but the plants are so productive and the flowers so gorgeous I have no regrets at all.

Ranunculus – or Persian buttercup – is in the same family as our native buttercup but the plant grows differently. Instead of thick juicy perennial roots, it grows from tubers that are dormant little claws during the hot dry weather of its native Mediterranean. The tubers gradually wake up after a certain amount of fall cold and rain, and with the return of longer days in early spring they send up their beautiful flowers.

For Mother’s Day weekend I WILL be delivering on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for a limited number of orders. I’ll also be delivering on all the days leading up to the big day.

Note that every year we sell out of flowers before Sunday. If you put in your orders early we can reserve your flowers, and I can plan ahead to buy in extra flowers to boost our output. Ordering ahead of time helps so much!

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